Fabio Bruno films explosions made to record in detail all the work process.

Check out in more detail some implosions made by Fabio Bruno...

Images of implosion, on 12 June 2011, part of the stadium Castellan to preparation of the 2014 World Cup.

Fabio Bruno Constructions - Day: December 19 2010 - Implosion of the Hospital Universitário do Fundão. The largest implosion of Brazil with 55000 m³ concrete distributed in 15 floors.

Day June 5, 2011, to Fabio Bruno Constructions made the implosion of 04 buildings and a chimney for the works to expand the "Sambodromo" for the 2016 Olympics and the Carnival.

Simulation carried out by companies Fabio Bruno Constructions and Applied Science International implosion of the University Hospital of Fundão, which will take place on December 19, 2010.

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Since 2001, Fabio Bruno Construction Company acts at the national level and internationally, performing works of infrastructure and physical interventions in the field of engineering.


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